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Family Registration
If you’re thinking of having an Au Pair and would like our assistance, please take just a few minutes to complete our simple registration form.
Family Registration
Au Pair Registration
Only register if you are already a resident in the UK if you are overseas go to and find an agency in your country
Family Registration
If you have already registered and would like to access your account please click on the link below.
Family & Au Pair Login
British Au Pair Agencies Assocation
To find out more about The British Au Pair Agencies Association (BAPAA) or the International Au Pair Association (IAPA) please click logos above.


  • An au pair is a single person aged 18+ without any dependants.
  • An Au Pair coming to England will do so to learn English by living as part of an English speaking family.
  • Au Pairs live as part of a family and have their own bedroom and full board and lodging.
  • An Au Pair is not considered as domestic staff but is expected to help in the house for up to 30 hours (including evening babysitting) in exchange for pocket money and keep (suggested minimum £80 per week).
  • Au Pairs are expected to do light housework and take care of children.
  • An Au Pair has 2 free days per week and can attend part time language classes and Religious services if desired.
Information for Au Pairs
Advice for Au Pairs driving in the UK
For more information about driving in the UK please Click here
Working in the UK
Non EEA Nationals who have an Au Pair visa

If you are here as an Au Pair then you are not allowed to undertake taxable employment. Your visa does not allow it.

Working in the UK – EEA Nationals

Quote from immigration and Nationality directorate May 2004
"Those au pairs already in the UK who wish to continue current placements without changing their working arrangements do not need to register, providing they do not take up additional employment. However, should they choose to alter their au pair arrangement and enter into a more formal employment arrangement with the host family, e.g. by increasing their hours, duties or pay, then they will need to register under the scheme. If they choose to take work in addition to their au pair placement they should obtain a registration certificate for both the au pair placement and for the additional work. Further information about how to register and application forms are available at"
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