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Family Registration
If you’re thinking of having an Au Pair and would like our assistance, please take just a few minutes to complete our simple registration form.
Family Registration
Au Pair Registration
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Family Registration
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We can help you to find a nice family in England or overseas, but first we need you to complete and return our Au Pair Registration Document. We will also need you to supply us with the following additional information.

  • Two Character references from reputable people who can vouch for your character. They can be from school teachers, people whose children you have looked after and also previous employers. If none of these are possible then please include references from long term family friends or acquaintances. The references need to include the name and telephone number of the author so that we can contact them to verify the references.
  • A ‘Dear Family Letter’ which introduces you to a prospective family. Please include information about your home, your family and your childcare experience and your hobbies etc. If you are a driver you should also include information about your current driving experience.
  • One passport sized photo of yourself (you can include other photos if you think that this will help you application.
  • Once we have found you a family we will then need you to apply for a police check and a Medical certificate from you doctor and this MUST then be sent to us as soon as possible. 


Registration for au pairs is FREE 
We provide you with tips for each part of the registration process. And once your registration process is completed, we will find you a family, so make sure you can be reached by phone and email!  

A2Z tips for the best profile

Step 1 Facts about you
Step 2 More about you 
Step 3 Picture of you
Step 4 References
Step 5 Telephone interview

Step 1 Facts about you

Where we ask the basic information about you, what you need/want and when you are available.

In this area, we need you to answer each question and we need you to be honest with yourself about your wants and needs. Consider all factors that will make you feel at home, or not. There are enough families looking and we want you to feel at home where you are going, this form will help us to help you!

The dates can make a big difference, if you can be flexible when you can start and how long you can stay, this will really increase your chances to find the right family quickly!

Step 2 More about you

Where we get to know you better and find out your preferences to find a family where you will feel at home. Write in ENGLISH! As a guide, write between 200 and 250 words.
Write as much as possible, about:
• You: Yourself, your family, your friends, your pets, your hobbies and interests, likes/dislikes
• Your home: Where and with whom you live, your town, your region
• Your education: What sort of work/study you do/have done
• Childcare experience: Previous jobs / work experience with children
• Future plans: Career, goals
• Talent: Any special skill, passion or talent that you have. An au pair can be as much a coach as a carer, especially with older children, so your skills and talent are important.

If you prepare your profile as a ‘word document’ first, you can use word-count and spell-check if you like. Do NOT worry too much about spelling and grammar, just write! It helps to ask a friend or maybe even your English teacher to proof read your profile but you should not get someone else to write it for you.

Be friendly, honest and open, for your own benefit as you need to be able to ‘be yourself’ and feel at home when you join your host family. Families choose someone to come and look after their children AND live with them in their home. You need to show them they can trust you.

Show off – a little! Make sure you clearly state all your positive skills and the best features of your character. Your skills that are important to the family would include housekeeping, cooking, driving but also tennis, swimming, drawing, sewing or storytelling. The key strength of your personality may be that you are calm and remain patient at all times, on the other hand, you may be dynamic and full of energy and never too tired to play one more game or take on one more task.

Ask your friends and family, they may think of more than you do.

Step 3 Picture of you

For a family to see your very best smile!

Upload photos, a few nice photos to allow the family to see your very best smile. If possible, use photos of interaction with children. Maybe a photo of you ‘in action’ showing your favourite sport or hobby!

Please indicate a date (year) with each photo. You can send us photos if you do not have the possibility to upload, but unfortunately these photos cannot be returned.

Step 4 References 

There are forms to help you in the registration area (references). Download them today. Note: start with the references NOW as this takes time!

To complete your profile you will need

  • Childcare and character references in English,
  • a medical report
  • a police check

These are very important when working with children.

1. Provide references

Show proof of your previous experience with references, for example if you wrote you have been babysitting and you use this as your main experience of childcare, ensure that you have a reference of at least one of the families where you have been babysitting.

References can be from teachers, mentors, tutors, sports club or youth club leaders, religious leaders (church), employers (including baby-sitting families) not from your own family.  

Please ensure there are contact details on the reference; name, address and telephone number, as we verify each reference and the family may also wish to make contact with them.

You can use the form we supply for your referee to complete or use it to check that references you already have are suitable to use. 

A2Z Tip!
References need to be in English or translated into English.

2. Medical Reference

A2Zaupairs provides you with a form to be completed by your doctor that can be found in the reference pack. It answers basic questions about your health to confirm that you are fit to work abroad as an au pair, with responsibility for children.

3. Police Report

A police report to indicate you have no criminal record, also called a 'statement of good conduct' in some countries. You can easily get this from your local police station, or sometimes it is provided by the town hall. There may be a small fee. Any person who wants to work with children; voluntary work, teaching or as an au pair, should be able to produce this as part of their references. Please use the link for more information about international CRB information in your country.
UK nationals please contact us directly for help applying for a UK CRB check

As the police check may take longer, please send your references first, we can interview you without police check but you must have it before you travel and your contract with the family will be 'subject to police check'.

Step 5 Telephone interview

When the above is complete we guarantee* to contact you for a telephone interview.

Your local agent will contact you shortly after your profile is completed. In some cases they will speak your language, but expect most of the conversation to be in English. They will speak slowly if needed, please don’t worry, we understand!

They will

  • explain the interview and selection process
  • give details about being au pair in your preferred country
  • discuss and confirm your profile 
  • make sure you are happy and know how to contact them if you have any further questions

Expect the telephone interview to take approximately 15 minutes.

*Guaranteed interview for EU candidates only. We use your landline or Skype, please make sure we have this on your profile. 

We really look forward to talk to you!

We find your family!

As soon as your registration is complete, we will start our search. We will keep you informed and will send you a message by e-mail to let you know when you have been introduced to a potential host family. You will get a chance to read their profile and you can prepare some questions, we have some tips if you need them. If the family is interested in your profile they will contact you directly for your next telephone interview.

It is important that you check your e-mail daily and respond quickly, to ensure you will not miss out on any opportunities.

Once you are successful, the family will agree details with you and confirm the details in a contract. We will support you and your host family when needed, mostly in the weeks before you travel and during settling-in period.

By completing your profile, you agree to our terms. We will do everything we can to assist you to find a suitable family, award you with our au pair benefits and help you prepare and settle.

In exchange we ask for your support and honesty.

Don’t forget – registration is free if you are resident in the UK

Information for Au Pairs
Advice for Au Pairs driving in the UK
For more information about driving in the UK please Click here
Reasons why you should choose your UK host family from A2ZAupairs
We are here to look after you while you are in the UK, we have a strong support system and our lovely fully vetted families offer…

• £100+ weekly pocket money for up to 30 hours per week
• 28 days of paid holiday/year (pro rata)
• 2 free days each week
• Your own bedroom – Many families provide your own bathroom
• Friends network – use our special friends Phone App and friends web site
• Out of hours Emergency helpline if you ever need help when in the UK
• Au pair Handbook
• Childcare Handbook
• Access to specially priced Language lessons, Excursions and training courses
• Help to open UK bank account & register with UK doctor
• Good drivers often get given their own car
• Many families give a monthly mobile phone allowance

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