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  • An au pair is a single person aged 18+ without any dependants.
  • An Au Pair coming to England will do so to learn English by living as part of an English speaking family.
  • Au Pairs live as part of a family and have their own bedroom and full board and lodging.
  • An Au Pair is not considered as domestic staff but is expected to help in the house for up to 30 hours (including evening babysitting) in exchange for pocket money and keep (suggested minimum £100 per week).  Up to 20% of the duties are likely to be housework.  If you require a driver you will need to offer and additional £20 per week study allowance in order to attract good candidates.
  • Au Pairs are expected to do light housework and take care of children.
  • An Au Pair has 2 free days per week and can attend part time language classes and Religious services if desired.

If you are interested in helping for more hours and earning more money each week we can offer other programmes

Our elderly companions will help for 20 formal hours each week and are paid a minimum of £130 per week but many families pay more.   As a companion you ideally need to be happy to spend most evenings at home (relaxing or studying) - the elderly person generally likes to know that someone is there - not for work but just to be able to relax knowing they are not alone in the house! 
Other benefits given in addition to the pocket money

  • £20 per month contribution towards mobile phone costs
  • £20 per week contribution towards college costs
  • Up to £100 towards the cost of the flight home at the end of the agreed placement period
  • If you require a driver you also need to allow them to use the car in their free time and give a petrol allowance of £30 per month for personal use

These applicants help for longer hours and often have more experience.    They help for LONGER HOURS. and may be required to do up to 50% housework.  They still live as part of the family and have their own bedroom and full board and lodging. They are expected to be at home looking after children normally whilst the mother is at work, or helping the mother in a busy household. They have a combined housekeeping role and can be asked to keep the house clean and tidy, do some cooking and shopping, do laundry and ironing, etc. They generally work between 8-10 hours per day. Most Mother’s helps are aged 20+ and must have previous childcare experience. Depending on their experience, they may be able to have sole charge of toddlers and school-aged children. As they are generally not formally qualified in childcare, this is at the discretion of the parents. The wage of a Mother’s help varies a great deal on age, experience, ability to drive, etc. but the recommended starting figure of £175.00 per week before tax or NI for a Mini Mother's help who helps for 40 hours.  Over 40 hours is classed as the normal Mother's help and they should be paid at least £200 many families will pay a lot more.

Information for Au Pairs
Advice for Au Pairs driving in the UK
For more information about driving in the UK please Click here
Reasons why you should choose your UK host family from A2ZAupairs
We are here to look after you while you are in the UK, we have a strong support system and our lovely fully vetted families offer…

• £100+ weekly pocket money for up to 30 hours per week
• 28 days of paid holiday/year (pro rata)
• 2 free days each week
• Your own bedroom – Many families provide your own bathroom
• Friends network – use our special friends Phone App and friends web site
• Out of hours Emergency helpline if you ever need help when in the UK
• Au pair Handbook
• Childcare Handbook
• Access to specially priced Language lessons, Excursions and training courses
• Help to open UK bank account & register with UK doctor
• Good drivers often get given their own car
• Many families give a monthly mobile phone allowance

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