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Au Pair elderly companions are proving very popular and are providing great help to older people who are still living in their own home but are perhaps needing a little additional help and support. The elderly companion can provide peace of mind to you and your family that there is someone around to help you if you need them. Many of them are confident drivers so if you prefer not to drive as often as you used to they can be insured to drive your car and help you to continue to get out and about doing shopping, attending appointments, visiting friends and family or just getting out and about more often!

Please see this link to a companion has helped one of our recent customers

An Au pair companion will live in your home as part of your family and has to have their own bedroom and all meals provided in the family home. You don’t have to cook for them, in fact they can perhaps cook for you!!! They also sleep in the home overnight so there is another adult in the house should you need any help or have an emergency. They cannot undertake any personal care but can do other household duties.

It is important that you consider an elderly companion as a cultural exchange and not an employee or carer– perhaps think of them as more of a more mature grandchild who is around far more often and wants to spend lots of time with you and is perhaps a more willing helper!

Our elderly companions will help you for 20 daytime hours each week and can be required to be back home by 11pm in the evening on their working days - a later time can be specially agreed but we understand that for many people it is important to have someone around overnight.  The companion needs to be able to stay out later or be away overnight on their 2 free days.  

The minimum our companions expect to be paid £150 per week but many families pay more (This amount includes a £20 weekly study allowance).

Other benefits you need to offer in addition to the pocket money in order to attract the right person.
  • £20 per month contribution towards mobile phone costs
  • Up to £100 towards the cost of the flight home at the end of the agreed placement period
  • If you require a driver you also need to allow them to use the car in their free time and give a petrol allowance of £30 per month for personal use

The elderly companion must have their own bedroom and all meals provided and have 2 free days each week. They are European nationals and most wish to be able to attend a local language course at least once a week. They can help in and around the home doing cooking and some light housework and can also go shopping and drive you out and about. Most elderly companions are female but we place quite a lot of sporty, active young men who can also help with outside jobs and gardening and another option is to consider having an elderly companion couple who only require one bedroom but can do the inside and outside jobs and help for 40 hours a week between them.

To find out more about this popular programme please do call Becca, Sarah or Ruby now on 01984 632422 or perhaps download the application form below and complete and return it to us by post or email and we can then do our very best to find a lovely person to give you more peace of mind and to be a companion in your home.



Information for Families
Important things to consider when hosting an Au Pair

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Important advice on Au Pairs DRIVING IN THE UK
Check your insurance re minimum age that you can insure to drive your car.

As an agency we can only confirm that the Au Pair has a current driving licence - WE CANNOT ENDORSE THEIR DRIVING ABILITY - Ask the Au Pair questions to establish their current driving experience
You must organise practice lessons with a qualified driving instructor.

For BAPAA driving guidance
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For DVLA information re foreign nationals driving in the UK
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How can my au pair (or nanny) become Ofsted registered under the voluntary registration scheme?
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Government childcare funding - Tax Credits & Childcare Vouchers
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