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British Au Pair Agencies Assocation
To find out more about The British Au Pair Agencies Association (BAPAA) please click logo above.
Au Pairs coming to the UK from January 2021 onwards !!!!!!
The British Au Pair Agencies Association are currently lobbying the UK Government to make sure that there is a route for European Au Pairs to take up new placements after Brexit.

We are hopeful that BAPAA will succeed and are therefore very happy to discuss your requirements for 2021 and do our best to help you find your next Au Pair for 2021.

We cannot guarantee that Boris and chums will get this right but we cannot sit back and do nothing so do either register with us now or call us and we can give you further information

Call us now on 07442 506 975 or click this link to register FREE of charge

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Au Pairs coming to the UK from January 2021 onwards !!!!!! - 25/11/2020
Please phone us on 07442 506975 to get information about Au Pairs coming to the UK from 1 January 2021

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Important things to consider when hosting an Au Pair

Click here for our advice document
Important advice on Au Pairs DRIVING IN THE UK
Check your insurance re minimum age that you can insure to drive your car.

As an agency we can only confirm that the Au Pair has a current driving licence - WE CANNOT ENDORSE THEIR DRIVING ABILITY - Ask the Au Pair questions to establish their current driving experience
You must organise practice lessons with a qualified driving instructor.

For BAPAA driving guidance
Click here

For DVLA information re foreign nationals driving in the UK
Click here